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Best Of Pete's Reddit AMA

Pete's reddit AMA on November 20, 2013 elicited over 500 responses. We culled the best of the questions and Pete's responses below. Three cheers for toast vagina.

Who would be your ideal guest (male and female) for your talkshow and why?
Daddy Gos (ryan gosling), Steve Martin, Matty D (Matt Damon), Bill Murray... just all the people I enjoy! Conan was just on. What a dream come true that was! His airs Thanksgiving.

Oooh, female I'm going to go with Kate Upton because I'm obsessed with Kate Upton. We just had one of my favorites Tig Notaro on and she killed it!! Tina Fey!

What was your favorite part of making the Batman parodies with CollegeHumor? What was the hardest part? Have you heard any feedback from anyone involved in Christopher Nolan's films?
no word from nolan!

they are some of my favorite things to do. i'm basically just trying to make matt mccarthy (gordon) and oren brimer (writer/director) laugh. in a bat suit. i love it. i love batman.

the hardest part is that suit is SO HOT and uncomfortable and most of them are overnight shoots, like 10-5am. but it's so fun who cares!

1) Where do you find the most inspiration for your jokes? 2) How much of the monologues on the show are scripted and how much is improv?

1) anything that is rooted in some base emotion. fear, desire, joy. i have "sex, needs, fear, love" written on my white board. also, anything that takes people from disempowered (life happens to me) to empowered (i happen to life) is interesting to me. like Breaking Bad. Walt has cancer, disempowered. Walt cooks meth, empowered. Or all of rap, really. I had nothing, now i'm a rapper. I like that in comedy: i was sad, now i make myself happy.

2) I'd say 80/20. I love improvising but we also have great writers!

[B]esides your own, what are your favorite podcasts? Favorite self-help books (not by your own therapist, Dr. Gary Penn)? Favorite comedy related books? Also, have you ever considered writing a book, well not now, you're pretty busy with your show, but who the fuck am I to say that? One more, what exactly was your juice cleanse routine?
i love WTF, i love Stuff to Blow Your Mind, This American Life, Savage Lovecast. I unironically enjoy Tony Robbins. Born Standing Up is a good comedy book. I play with the idea of writing a book when there's time!

Watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead for what i did regarding a juice cleanse! My main juice was a fuck ton of kale, celery, cilantro, parsley, ginger, lemon, cucumber. I call it the Not Fucking Around. too much sugar (fruit) can mess with it.

You are really open about your life and the people in it on your podcast. Have you ever had anyone get mad at you for talking about them? Do you know how your ex-wife feels about the stuff you say about your marriage and divorce?
I haven't talked to my ex since the split, like six or seven years ago, but who knows. i try to keep the oversharing about me and so far it's worked out. jeselnik didn't like that i told people he meditates and does yoga, but he's out about that now... at least i think.

Knowing everything you know now, would you still have married your ex-wife?
good one!

um, no. the lessons i learned in that marriage could've been learned apart from it, i just don't know how. the way i went, getting hurt by it, was perfect for me, but i hope that pain isn't a prerequisite to self-realization, ambition and self-reliance. it (pain) helps, tho! you see what you're made of and what you're fighting against!

i still have dreams we're together sometimes and i'm like, "NO! I'm a different person now!" and i wake up very relieved. for all the shit i give her, i hope she knows i'm happy for the time we had and where it got me personally.

I really relate to your past trouble of being "too nice" in relationships to the point where it fosters resentment and harms the relationship. How did you resolve this behavior?
you need to realize that being honest is the only true loving thing to do. nuts go around "not hurting people" when they know they are withholding their true feelings. don't be a nut. what i learned was, when you are in the place of having just been honest with someone, in a break up or just a good talk, and you feel how good that feels, tell yourself, "THIS IS WHAT HONESTY FEELS LIKE." While it's happening. That will form a link in your brain between being honest and feeling good. Repeat. I'm still working on that one because i want people to like me, but as Dr. Seuss said (paraphrasing) "Be yourself, those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." BOOM!

1) Having listened to dozens of your podcasts now, it is CRAZY how much I know about you, given that I have met you once for like 10 seconds... Probably more than I know about some of my friends. Have you ever had weird moments interacting with fans you just met in which they bring up really personal stuff that you have talked about? Is it weird having strangers know so many intimate details about your life and thoughts?

2) What would Petey from Lexington have to say to the Pete Holmes who now throws around words like "Kombutch" and "Deep Chopes"?

1) i've actually had wonderful interactions with people who know a lot about me from the podcast (a "parasocial" or one-sided relationship at first (thanks to Bo Burnham for teaching us that word)) so the answer is that it's weird that it DOESN'T weird me out! i just feel like I have to play catch up with fans who, unsurprisingly, are pretty open. that can be a lot of fun, sometimes we just jump into a deep or interesting conversation. sometimes it's just weird, but that's fun, too.

2) i'd like to think that past-pete would think present pete is the true pete that always wanted to exist, but am also open to the fact that past-pete probably would think present pete is pretty weird. because he is. present pete even thinks present pete is pretty weird. but to quote the new eminem (which is great) FUCK BEING NORMAL!! :)

Hey, Pete! I'm a huge fan and I've even recently started doing stand-up because of the podcast. I just have one quick question; what's the meaning of life?
I think we came from an infinite state of being and all-knowingness with our creator and elected to spend a finite amount of time on earth to learn more about truth, beauty, grace, pain, love and loss. We wanted to forget because learning is what this life is all about. Or maybe something else.

I love your podcast and I was wondering what your weirdest/funniest experience was while on mushrooms?
i was in amsterdam lying on the grass by two danish ladies unpacking their picnic. i was very convinced i was at the bottom of their basket. i was like, "they are going to SHIT when they see me hiding down here!"

fun times.

Big fan, so don't take this the wrong way, but is there really anything we can ask that hasn't been answered in your podcasts? My guess is no, and I'm cool with that.
haaaa. let me see. i've never told anyone that i used to cry whenever i saw a squirrel get hit by a car. i was thinking about that today. so you could ask, "when you were a kid, what made you cry?"

but i get it. most of it is out there. but there's new stuff happening every day that's fun to talk about!!

How many nights a week do you have the same dream where Marc Maron looks you straight in the eyes and tells you he's proud of you?
i alternate that dream with conan doing the same thing. so, a lot.