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First Week "TPHS" Guests Announced

Our show schedule is really coming together. Today on Pete's "You Made It Weird" podcast he announced select guests for our first week of shows: Chelsea Peretti and Kumail Nanjiani.
Kumail was the very first guest on "YMIW" and we're happy to welcome him to a spot on our first week of "The Pete Holmes Show." Be sure to listen previous visits with Pete, where they talk marriage, love and, in a later episode, toothpicks.
Chelsea, Pete's "worst best friend" was also one of the very first guests on "YMIW". Be sure to listen to her other episodes, including the one where she plotted Pete's death and the one where she turned the tables on him and interviewed him for "YMIW's" anniversary show.
Live in LA? You can come to "The Pete Holmes Show." A few seats are still available to our first week. Sign up for our ticket lottery at, and keep checking back for updates to our schedule.