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Weekend Binge: April 12, 2014

Quench your thirst for laughs with some of our finest moments.

Realistic Mario: Brick Block
Mario and Luigi face reality, and boy does it hurt.

Talkin' Like Talls With Dikembe Mutombo
Pete learns that nothing is more satisfying than making Dikembe Mutombo laugh.

Quotables #4
Don't try discussing your dreams with Pete.

Pete Jams With The National's Matt Berninger
Matt's leaving The National to pursue pay dirt with Pete.

Jay Larson And Ryan Sickler Complete Each Other
Ryan's a man's man and Jay pushes the boundaries.

Brent Sullivan Stand-Up
Brent addresses his younger self's misguided crush on Dominique Moceanu.

True Detective - Rust Hates Everything
Nothing bleak about puppies and rainbows, right? Not if you're asking Rust Cohle.

Therapist: Confidentiality
Therapist betrays his client's his client.

What Are You, The Coolest? With Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez teaches about living an artful life and sets Pete straight on his net worth.
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