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Weekend Binge: April 20, 2014

You'll be hopping mad if you miss out on these clips.

Pete Meets Roy Hibbert, The Greatest Basketball Player Of All Time
Expect to see Roy's signature "Sex and the City" on the NBA highlight reel any day now.

Exceptions 80/20 Monologue April 14, 2014
Pete believes in making exceptions, like not smoking unless he's drunk, wet, French, and in love.

Eagles With Erections
Pete and Adam clarify some things about an eagle's "bear dick" vs. "bare dick."

Gabbin' Like "Awkward." Girls
Pete makes fast friends with Jillian, learns about Ashley's Mensa, and finds out he was in Molly's dream.

4 AM Thoughts
Dreary Pete has some pretty far-out ideas.

Jamie Lee Stand-Up
Fun Aunt Jamie shuts down some creepy pick-up lines.

Jim Jefferies Might've Done Something Illegal With His Son
Jim Jefferies pitches the Fisher-Price "My First Ball Sack."

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