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Weekend Binge: April 5, 2014

Only the good stuff; no foolin'!

Gabbin' Like Gals With Gillian Jacobs
Gillian wonders about loofah maintenance.

Street Fighter Red Tape: Ken
Ken's big selling point? When he kicks, it looks red.

Rob Riggle Thinks Stand-Ups Come From The Land Of Broken Toys
The big difference between improvisers and stand-ups is that improvisers are supportive and stand-ups are psychos.

Pete Hangs With Harrison Barnes of The Golden State Warriors
Harrison asks about the John Holmes connection.

The Night Mantzoukas Got Inconsolably High
Jason got stoned enough to make up for the 36 years he hadn't tried it.

Coffee Monologue March 31, 2014
Pete overcomes a technical difficulty and wants to know so much about coffee that he can taste the Uruk-Hai in it.

Byron Bowers Stand-Up
Byron has a theory on what MLK was doing before he took the nap that led him to his historic dream.
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