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Weekend Binge: June 14, 2014

We D.A.R.E. you to "Just Say No" to missing these clips.

ScHoolboy Q Lets Pete Join His Crew
ScHoolboy Q needs a White homie to hold the weed.

Realistic Mortal Kombat
Johnny Cage has some constructive criticism for Sub-Zero.

Web Exclusive: Rubik's Cube Trick with Karl Koppertop
Karl's magic is so impressive that it angers Pete.

Pete Tries Dungeons & Dragons
Pete uses the game's free will to avoid everything interesting.

Chicago Bears' Martellus Bennett Patiently Explains Football to Pete
Martellus breaks down the game in a way even a baby could understand.

Kid Farm: Girls' Day Out
The girls look for a deeply discounted wedding dress as B.J. learns a few things about reproduction.

Ben Schwartz & Pete Get Experimental
All the rules went out the window with this interview and the results are hilarious.

Me All Day Monologue, June 10, 2014
Only Pete knows what goes on in Pete's head.

Gary Gulman On Boston's Romance With Tom Brady
Gary shares the most romantic way to share a mimosa.

Realistic Popeye
Swallowing whole cans of spinach will eventually take a toll on you.

Daniel Sloss Helped A Woman Commit Adultery
Here's hoping our show doesn't air in Sweden!

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