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Weekend Binge: June 7, 2014

Stay cool with this week's videos.

Street Fighter Red Tape: M. Bison
It turns out a street fighting tournament is not the best business model.

New Material Seinfeld #4
New Material Seinfeld works out some new bits and tells Pete to mind his own business.

Big Jay Oakerson & Kevin Hart Got Pelted With Chicken Wings
Despite the club's name, folks weren't so friendly at Sweet Cheeks in Atlantic City.

Talkin' Like Talls with Shaquille "Shaq" O'Neal
Shaq is pretty adamantly opposed to being the exosuit for Pete's Krang.

Actual Fun Monologue, June 4, 2014
When's the last time you had actual fun and not "should be" fun?

Therapist: Porn Addiction
Therapist Pete tries to understand Matt's problem and makes a mess of the whole situation.

Natasha Leggero Got Dissed By Martin Lawrence
Natasha's going to have to change her name if she wants to be pals with Martin.

Realistic Mario: Koopa Shells
Don't let Mario near the family dog, he's not to be trusted.

Gabbin Like Gals: Eliza Coupe
Eliza? More like E-lie-za. Get it? Because she lies...

4 AM Thoughts With Ray Romano
Pete & Ray Romano climbing into bed together: a dream come true for everyone involved.

Beth Stelling Stand-Up
Sweet Beth's mom is quite a perv, for being such a prude.

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