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Weekend Binge: May 10, 2014

No happier Mother's Day than a Mother's Day where everyone is caught up on this week's clips.

Romano Duets
How to top "Romano Sings?" Enlist the REAL Ray Romano.

Jerrod Carmichael Stole A Quarter From Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby may or may not have heated leather floors.

Therapist: Exposure Therapy
Pete helps Matt through his fear of clowns a little at a time.

Adam Pally Gives Pete So Much Shit For Telling A Bad Joke
Adam thinks Pete's jokes make the staff wish they were elsewhere.

More Butter With Joe DeRosa
Some of our awesome viewers sent in new butter substitutes.

Kristen Schaal Gives Away A Used Bathing Suit
The other late night shows ain't got nothing on us in the unwashed swimsuit department.

The Night Tupac Met Jerry Garcia
Jerry's daughter Trixie Garcia brought Tupac home when she was younger and he was respectful of The Grateful Dead's legacy.

Faking It Monologue, May 5, 2014
Pete tells you how to hold your own in any conversation that's over your head.

Zach Sherwin Hip Hop: Flag Roast
No country's banner is safe from Zach's hot bars.

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