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Weekend Binge: May 17, 2014

Stay caught up on our clips and you'll have it made in the shade.

Can Kumail Nanjiani Bench Press Pete Holmes?
Kumail was named the "Sexiest Man of 2013" and now he's gunning for "Strongest Man of 2014."

Sherlock Holmes Sucks at Deduction
Maybe he's just having an off day, but Sherlock's got it all wrong.

Ben Schwartz & Pete Recreate "The Office"
Ben & Pete take turns Krasinski-ing it to the camera.

Realistic Mario: Yoshi
Never forget that Yoshi is a flesh-hungry dinosaur.

How Much Cash Does Kid Ink Have On Him?
Kid Ink carries over 2k in his pocket "in case of emergencies."

Wash My Damn Towels #4
Taking our message to cats and Urkel, with a special drop in from Pete's uncle Larry.

Dan Telfer Stand-Up
We feel pretty confident in saying Dan is more passionate about dinosaurs than any guest we've had or will ever have.

Someone Loves Your Body Monologue, May 14, 2014
No matter what you're working with, there's somebody who's into it.

Pete Interviews His Dad
See where Pete gets his sense of humor from.

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