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Weekend Binge: May 24, 2013

No Memorial Day barbeque is complete without our most recent videos.

Ex-Men: Magneto
Professor X can't stop Magneto (Rob Huebel) but that doesn't stop him from trying.

Thomas Middleditch Loves Going To Nude Spas
Thomas Middleditch feels much freer now that he has let the dingaling ring.

Street Fighter Red Tape: Blanka
Blanka's not doing a very good job of seeming like anything other than a baby-eating monster.

Nicole Byer: Audition Code Words
Nicole gives us some insight to the euphemisms that are used when she auditions for roles in LA.

Everyone Is Dumb At Something Monologue, May 19, 2014
Everyone from Einstein to Beyoncé is dumb at something, so own it!

Bill Cosby Said Jim Breuer Has The "Fat Albert" Curse
Bill told Jim that he'll have a hard time living down having been a smart fat kid.

Patton Oswalt Still LOVES Dungeons & Dragons
Patton's wife would rather him go to strip clubs than play D& with his friends.

Matt Braunger On Hungry Man Dinners & Swing Dancing Accidents
Braunger paints a starkly perfect picture of a more honest Hungry Man commercial.

Joe DeRosa Stand Up
Joe has a complicated relationship with food.

Andy Haynes Got Arrested For Fighting Racism
Sure Andy went to jail, but at least he got to fall out of a window first.

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