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Weekend Binge: May 3, 2014

Think of this as a pre-Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Street Fighter Red Tape: Guile
Guile claims to have fought in "a war" and defeated the enemy with his flash kick. We're still a little suspicious.

Going For Gosling #2
We still want Daddy Gos on the show, no matter how much he threatens to hurt our host.

Lennon Parham & Jessica St. Clair Talk Boobs & Butts
The interview STARTS with talk of breastmilk and only gets weirder and more fun as it progresses.

Lawyer: Cake
Matt inspires Lawyer Pete with a new way of smuggling things into jail.

Phil Hanley Stand-Up
From the sound of the transcripts, Phil seems to have handled his breakup surprisingly well.

Mid-Life Crisis Monologue, April 30, 2014
Once the kids are out of the house, you fully deserve to morph into Guy Fieri.

Foodie Training From Greck Teltañio
Greck was supposed to help us decipher wordy menu items from chic restaurants but left us angry and confused (and hungry, too!).

Pete Inexplicably Talks To The US Secretary of Education
Arne "Slam" Duncan deflects a question about Obama's musk like only a true Washington insider can.

Retta Is A Multilingual Opera Singer
As if being hilarious wasn't enough, Retta also speaks French, does accents, and has some solid singing skills, too.

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